Topic: Replacing Quadmic II knobs

Hi there

Any chance to buy as spare parts that nice black knobs of the ADIs ?
I'd like to enhance my quadmic II preamp with it.
There are a few choice out there but my preference goes to RME ones.


HDSP9632, HDSP9652, ADI-8QS, FFUC, Quadmic II

Re: Replacing Quadmic II knobs

Finally, after some fails on installing lockable knobs I applied ones with graduate scaling as to adjust the exact gain balancing  point across my head-related near coincident array of DPA microphones.
The Quadmic II is powered from a side Li-Ion battery featuring a couple of recording hours, and possible operation with its charger connected to a power grid to prevent deep discharge.
The first test I ran were extremely promising with a very low noise floor relative to clipping and absolute crystal clear sound.
Once again, my choice to another RME product was fruitful. … qJuQGk0yzb

HDSP9632, HDSP9652, ADI-8QS, FFUC, Quadmic II