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Topic: Micstasy, XTC, Midi Remote

I just finished a recording, and the Mic Pres were 3 Micstasys and 1 Octamic XTC. 96 kHz, Madi Daisy Chained.
UFX+ on the Laptop Side.
I used the old Midi remote to control the Gain.

Every morning when I started the computer anew and opened the 4 Midi remote Windows (Workspace saved), The 8th channel on the first Micstasy was reset to 0dB, instead of the correct value of 32dB.

This was reproducible and happens only with the XTC in the chain.

Did anyone else experience this bug?



Re: Micstasy, XTC, Midi Remote

Please make sure all the Misctasys have the option 'Pro Tools MIDI Compatibility' turned off (page 23 in the manual).

Matthias Carstens

Re: Micstasy, XTC, Midi Remote

Thanks, will try