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Thinking of selling my QU-24. It's taking up a lot of space and I'm basically using it for a headphone mixer at this point.

What I'm going to miss is the Qu-You app, which is a dead simple mini-mixer app that runs on Android/iPhone/iPad and allows you to give artists control over their cue mixes.

Enter TotalMix.

Right off the bat the lack of Android control is annoying ("gee, let's alienate the largest mobile market share.."), but I do have a couple of older iPad minis and an old Surface Pro 2 tablet that should work.

Presumably there are unlimited fader groups or busses, so I could light up the following fader groups/busses for each artist station:

FG1: "Artist 1 - Drums"
FG1: "Artist 1 - Guitar"
FG1: "Artist 1 - Bass"
FG1: "Artist 1 - Keys"

FG2: "Artist 2 -Drums"

and so on, so with 4 artist stations, which would be locked down with permissions to each login, post-channel fader, and assigned to outputs on my Apogee DA-16X in stereo pairs to feed each artist's headphone amps (Behringer P1s).

I should note I'm using the DigiFace ADAT interface on a Windows 10 DAW (Reaper); I/O and conversion is via Apogee AD-16X (16 ins) and DA-16X (16 outs).

This seems doable, given the power of TotalMix, but it's the simplified interface via permissions/locking that I'm not sure on.

Would love for any cue mix wizards to chime in here with their TotalMix setups.

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Found this: