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Unfortunatelly the software stops working quite often. I think it's a great idea, but would expect RME to include a similiar solution in the driver / TotalMix software and not relying on users needing to come up with hacks (like the Midi/Autohotkey solution) or writing own programs to support basic functions like easy to use system wide volume control!

Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

I'll do my best to make this all configurable soon.

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Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

Thanks fgimian!

In the meantime I tried your software more. I have not found a pattern when the connection is lost. Currently it has been running fine for about a day. Yesterday I lost the connection several times. Nothing changed at all -- I even did not reboot, just restarted your volume control software.

EDIT: and connection lost again -- without any change... :-(

EDIT 2: I used the software for some days, but it just does not function reliable. I removed it again. It's more cumbersome to have a "solution" which some times works and then just stops. Anyway, thanks for the efforts. I really wonder why not more users ask for such a solution and that RME would provide that with their drivers!

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thank you so much for this app!
I was using the midi function (loopmidi+totalkey) and I've just switched using your app and up to this point seems to me much more stable and with much better funcionality/presentation.

I am sorry to hear that other users experience problems, for me it seems to be working with no problems.
However if anything goes wrong I will report it here.

Many mant THANKS again!

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Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

hi fgimian

thanks for all your efforts to create this tool for all of us to enjoy smile

Running a Windows 8.1 machine, 64 bit version. I downloaded and installed your ver 0.4.0 and it appeared to all go well. I see the steps for configuring the OSC control, port settings and IP address to use and I'm getting the message "Successfully communicating with your RME device". Seeing this message both with my BBF Pro FS and UCXII but I'm not seeing the volume window when I make any changes. Is there something I forgot? I never tried your earlier versions so maybe I'm missing something or unaware of some other setting I need to check. I did restart Totalmix after installing but did not reboot the PC.

I'm really looking forward to using it. Thanks again for any help you can give.

***just read the README on git. Am I correct that this tool will only work on laptops with volume hot keys? perhaps that's my problem. I was assuming it would work on the BBF encoder, ARC USB or any slider level change in Totalmix for phones or main out.

****I answered my own question that the tool is indeed for laptops with volume/mute keys. I installed it on my laptop and I see the graphic indicating TotalMIX Volume" but apparently my install didn't go so smoothly because all that shows is a dash "-" and I don't see the message that it's successfully communicating with my BBF on the laptop.

Any ideas how to handle this? Thanks again.

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Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

Sorry to keep piling on but yesterday, the TM volume control started working on my laptop hmm

I was doing some routing between my laptop, desktop and with my DAW software. I didn't do anything special but just tried the volume up/down buttons on the keyboard and it worked! At the end of the day I started shutting things down. First, I closed Adobe Audition and then for some reason I tried the volume up/down keys on my desktop keyboard and IT was working!

Guess this is what some people have mentioned about it not working all of the time? It never worked with the HDSP9652 though.

Cheers and hope you all are having a great week!


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Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

What a fantastic tool!  Fotis thank you so much for making this and sharing it here.  I've posted a link to your github in the threads related to TotalKeyMix, a tool with a similar functionality that I've updated, but now consider superseded by your elegant solution.

Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

UPDATE: I've been using the tool for a few days now, putting the computer to standby at night without restarting it.  I haven't encountered a single issue, it is rock solid.  I read the issues reported above and I wonder if it could be due to Windows not properly loading drivers after coming out of standby.  The following two settings are recommended for Windows 10 (possibly 11 as well) to ensure that the OS loads all drivers, services and programs correctly on startup and after standby:

  • Settings\Accounts\Sign-in options\Privacy -> turn off use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device

  • Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Choose what the power buttons do -> disable turn on fast startup

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Re: My new little project: TotalMix Volume Control for Windows

Genuine question, is there any legit reason for RME not to implement this natively? fgimian's utility does works exactly as expected and, to be fair, it is the best of its kind, but it's kinda heavy for what it does.

fgimian wrote:

The idea was a little application which would use OSC to control the master volume of my RME Babyface Pro FS using the Windows volume keys. [...] Runs in the background (tiny footprint, 15 MB memory and basically no CPU usage)

Maybe that was the initial release. The current release, v0.4.0, is a 45.5 MB download that installs to 141 MB on my drive, and occupies almost 74 MB of RAM. That's like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut. All we are doing here is turn volume up and down, so I imagine a native implementation would be more efficient.

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