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I have the ADI-8 QS i have put on input 2x Jack and on output 2x Jack, i see the audio signal on the left on meter vue, but nothing on the right and nothing of Yamaha Mixing console.

I don’t’ understand can you help me ?

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Set off global output level for the remote control or turn it full up.
Chapter 9.2 in the manual

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Re: Adi-8 qs help

Did you perhaps set mode to DIG, which disables AD conversion ? See manual 4.1 and 8.1.

Your setup is not fully clear, how is the Yamaha Mixing Console connected?
Is there no RME recording interface with TotalMix FX or connected through MADI?

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Thanks for your reply i have put the RME product between my sound card on PC (2x Jack) and my Mixing console (2x Jack), no DIG mode,

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Re: Adi-8 qs help

Thanks for the pictures but this doesn't make the setup really clear, you see a lot of plugs but no physical cabling of the major components and also not a logical presentation of audio flow.
Also no information about the Yamaha mixing console, which model, how it is connected, analog|digital to what device.

Normally the ADI-8 QS would be connected digitally to a recording interface. I see you have no MADI card, so at least through ADAT or AES. Then you also would need to take care of clock distribution.

I have a certain feeling that you did not check / configure routing on the device. If you check the block diagram (manual ch. 18) you can see the routing capabilities of this unit ... from analog/adat/aes/madi to analog/adat/aes/madi.
Pls check manual chapter 9.16 "digital patch mode" and route analog inputs to analog outputs.

I would have assumed such a setup
                                                                  [ext. devices analog outputs]
                                                                  AN1-8 IN
                                                                  | | | | | | | |
Recording interface ------ADAT1 OUT-----> ADI-8 QS (clock slave getting clock through ADAT IN)
(clock master)       <------ADAT1 IN -------   | | | | | | | |
                                                                  AN1-8 OUT
                                                                  [ext. devices analog inputs]
                               ------ADAT2 OUT----->  Yamaha mixing desk connected to another port
                             <------ADAT2 IN -------   

Or perhaps a connection between recording interface and ADI-8Q and the mixing desk analog behind the ADI-8QS.

The error is most likely only a configuration issue on the ADI-8QS, nevertheless a more verbose description of the setup would help to understand what you are doing. It's not so hard to create such little ASCII diagrams to better understand your setup and possible other things to take care of.

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Re: Adi-8 qs help

Thanks for your quick reply, it's a Yamaha analog mixing console, i don't understand how to enter in setup mode for Digital Patch mode ? what button to push ?

My question :  is it possible to have an analog signal on input and have and analog signal on output ? or juste only Analog to Digital or Digital to Analog

Thanks for your help i'm beginner


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The  main question is - what is this good for? You connected the ADI to do A to D and then to D to A, which is completely useless as such. IF you want this then you still have to route it internally from analog to analog (see manual), or you just plug a cable from ADAT Out to ADAT In...

Matthias Carstens

Re: Adi-8 qs help

Yes, routing analog to analog, how to do this ? I don't understand how to setup and how to enter in setup mode ?

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Re: Adi-8 qs help

Sorcier062 wrote:

Yes, routing analog to analog, how to do this ? I don't understand how to setup and how to enter in setup mode ?

I gave you already the manual chapter where routing is explained, ch 9.16.

Again, I don't understand your setup and also not why you want to route analog (see also MC's comment in posting #8 above).

I asked for more information about your setup, see my posting #6 in this thread, but you give no information.

Why I want this to know ? Because I have a certain feeling that your setup is suboptimal.
But without knowing the current setup and use cases it's impossible to give a good advice.

Following questions come to my mind, e.g.:
- What is the Presonus recording interface doing here in the setup, is that your main recording interface?
- What are you doing with the ADI-8 QS? Why analog to analog routing ? Do you regard the ADI-8 QS as a sound washing machine to add some magic sound or "mojo" to audio ?

It looks to me as if your setup needs more structure.
Currently only an assumption but to me it looks as if you should better have gotten a much better recording interface like the RME UFX II or even UFX+ instead of the Presonus and the ADI-8 QS. That would have already had a lot of high quality analog ports to plug in analog devices and many more advantages and more fexibility in terms of routing.

Especially a UFX+ would also have made it possible to connect devices like the ADI-8 QS via MADI. Then there would have been even more channel reserves for connecting multiple devices in the future through ADAT, AES and MADI.

Maybe even your mixer could be connected digitally via ADAT or MADI.

Now please tell us what your setup looks like, so that its possible to give better advice more to the point.

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I assume you want to patch your compressor into the console. For example for a group compressor?
This is the wrong way to do it.
The ADI-8 QS could do it if you use the digital out. Depending on the Yamaha console, it could have AES/EBU I/O.
So if you convert on the ADI-8 QS your analog in to AES out, and AES in to analog out, you can insert the compressor in your console.

See the manual how to convert to AES and vice versa.

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