Topic: Posting UFX+ safely to Canada

I'm needing to send my UFX+ internationally to Canada from the UK. As there's no import charge for personal goods, the cost of shipping and insurance is acceptable enough.

I'm keen to know if this would be enough to send it without damage?

-In original box with protective packaging
-Bubble wrap exterior box and add parcel wrap


Re: Posting UFX+ safely to Canada

I don't know if I'm reading your post correctly but I'm not sure if you're double-boxing? The bubble wrap etc is important but I also think it's important for there to be two boxes when shipping items like this internationally.

Re: Posting UFX+ safely to Canada

I'm not double boxing in this instance, just planning on using the original box with a bit of padding as it's pretty rigid. That's a good idea though, I'll try and get another box around it with some packing material