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Topic: First time trying AES to Genelec 8330, UFX 1, which AES cables to use?

I finally decided myself to upgrade my signal chain from,
Analog XLR to genelec 8330a to --> AES cables to digital in of 8330a.

I know it would not be significantly audible but I am craving for the best sonic experience!

but now, I've been using 60~80 dollars of Mogami studio gold XLR cables (decent one)..
which AES cables to purchase that I am unsure because I am super new to AES digital connection..
(Or.. can I user Mogami microphone cable for AES connection...? Mogami 2534 XLR microphone cable it is)

Could anyone having AES connection help me out with this one? smile

I mix myself and this would be a good investment too smile

I was going to purchase ADI-2 fs but.. realized if I am planning for digital connection,
then I thought, UFX mk1's AES out should suffice since it is 'digital' after all right?

Thanks in advance!

*But for A to D conversion, I am planning on upgrading my hardware.. when my budget meets smile
Though I am still very happy with my UFX mk1.

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Re: First time trying AES to Genelec 8330, UFX 1, which AES cables to use?

AES is a digital connection using balanced connections. There is absolutely no need for expensive cables.
Use normal cables, but with solid Neutrik connectors.
Although other XLR cables may also work, better get 110 Ohm cables according to AES standards.

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