Topic: Volume knob controlling line out channels


I'm looking into buying a new audio interface (RME Fireface UCX II) and I have a question about the physical volume knob and how it controls the line outs.

I have 2 main outputs:

  • monitors: connected to out 1 & 2

  • subwoofer: connected to out 3 & 4

To be able to control both of the volumes with the physical knob simultaneously I would group these in the mixer software and that's it right? Now, I was wondering if these settings are saved on the device itself or require the mixer software to be loaded?

I'm using Windows as my music production toolbox, but I'm dualbooting linux for all my other work. Obviously I want the volume knob to keep controlling both my monitors and subwoofer.

Thank you!

PS: I am aware that the regular setup is to send out 1 & 2 through the subwoofer, and from there to the monitors, but I'm using a consumer-level subwoofer that does not support this.


Re: Volume knob controlling line out channels

Linking or fader groups is a software feature and not available in hardware (aka stand-alone mode).

Matthias Carstens