Re: ADI-2 Pro/DAC Models - Differences and Release Dates

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And the TRS output on the back is also balanced?

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21.2 Line Out TRS 1/2
The ADI-2 Pro has two impedance balanced, short-circuit protected analog Line outputs ... Using a stereo (TRS) jack the output uses two 100 Ohm resistors internally to achieve impedance balancing. Using an unbalanced mono (TS) jack ring is connected to ground automatically, the output then operates unbalanced.



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Re: ADI-2 Pro/DAC Models - Differences and Release Dates

Hi everyone, I have the ADI-2 DAC connected to the Focal SM-9, purchased on the advice of this forum smile Very happy with the decision I made!

I have an opportunity to purchase the ADI-2 FS ( My main interest for this is in a separate system as a headphone amplifier. I know this is an audio interface and basically (probably) overkill, but I like to buy gear which allows me the flexibility to re-use in future setups.

The idea is: Oppo Sonica DAC (XLR pre-out) -> ADI-2 FS (XLR in) -> headphones (front port)

My questions:
1. Is the headphone amplifier section the same as/ at least as good as the ADI-2 DAC section?
2. Any issues with using the analog XLR inputs to send a signal from a streamer/DAC? Just that - in hi-fi - used to seeing RCA out from DAC to pre-amp and so forth.

Thank you all for your time smile

Re: ADI-2 Pro/DAC Models - Differences and Release Dates


Just wanted to let everyone know that I purchased the ADI-2 DAC FS from Amazon Canada on 07/22/2022 and even tho it indicates an ASIN number of B081CWQXGD (per the spreadsheet this should be a 12/2017 model) - mine has this ASIN but shipped with the new ESS chip - my serial ends with a "C" - so it seems that we have another variant of the ADI box out there.