Topic: Windows update killed some output channels

Hi folks, I run a fireface UCX under windows 10 pro Version 21H2. some weeks ago I installed a windos update. Now I am missing some outputs in windows. In TotalMix every thing is working. Cubase + WaveLab are working fine. So I didn't recognize that problem at once. Now I wanted to do a zoom conference and I got no signal into zoom. I have a special preset im TM for zoom conferences with an external mic. Windows lost nearly all my outputs an shows only "Analog 1+2, Analog 3+4" and "Speaker (RME fireface ucx)". In the hardware manager the lost channels are grayed out.

I tried to deactivate and activate again the driver, reinstall the driver, but nothing changes.

Any idea?

Windows 10 Pro 64bit Core i5, 16GB Ram, FirefaceUCX Cubase 10, WaveLab 9.5

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Re: Windows update killed some output channels

There are only 3 places where you have to look

a) WDM devices -> RME driver settings dialog
    zoom and other windows applications (also Windows itself) do not support ASIO
    So, you have to create WDM devices for Windows/apps for those ports that you need to access
b) windows sound settings, configure which is the default sound / communication device / mic input
    for Windows and Applications without ASIO support (which use the WDM devices)
c) TM FX routing
    Most likely you need to route audio to HW Output AN1/2 and activate loopback there
    so that the application can access audio from the corresponding HW Input AN1/2
    because some applications are not freely configurable from where to record sound, some can only record audio from AN1/2

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