Topic: Digicheck (NG 0881) freezes

Hello, I have a problem with Digicheck NG ver. 0881. It freezes often. I use mainly spectrum analizer with different software (Digital Performer, Ocen Audio, etc.) and from time to time DC stops display spectrum and app freezes.

What's more – but it could be only my impression – it doesn’t behave like lightweight app. When I use DC, my Macbook often runs the fans at full power. In Activity Monitor energy load of DC could be even 10 time more than Totalmix. Is it normal? I thought that since DC calculations are based on hardware dsp, it should be quite lightweight app.

Does anyone but me have similar problems? How can I make DC stable?

My setup: Macbook Pro Retina (Mid 2015), MacOs 10.14.6