Topic: Toggle DIGICheck ?

Hi guys
There is any way to toggle digicheck with the ARC USB like the total mix option?


Re: Toggle DIGICheck ?

Sorry no. Also doesn't maske much sense. If you use DIGICheck then you typically want to see it all the time.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Toggle DIGICheck ?

Actually, I thought it will be a great option if you can do it, sometimes you want to have just a quick look.

for example, I create the EXT INP button at the ARC to toggle the Totalmix
clicking twice on that button to switch to DIGICheck can be very nice.

Re: Toggle DIGICheck ?

Apologies for bumping this, I recently purchased the Arc USB which is amazing, more so when I realised I could enable the TotalMix UI through the use of one of the snap buttons so I was a bit disappointed when I realised you couldn't assign another button for showing the DigiCheck NG on screen.

Sorry MC, I'll have to disagree with you. smile  It does make a lot of sense to some, screen estate issues etc.  Sometimes I'm not always staring at it all the time.

Would be great to have that feature if at all possible.