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Hi all.
In the manual is written that the device is also a switch. It can be used in modus swiched (4) and redundant (2) Wath I have to do, that de device react as switch? For me, it only function with primary 1 ans 2. The first bring the device to the Dante controller, the second goes to another machine.
When I use secondary port 3 and 4 nothing happend. Is it possible to bring all four ports working? Of course I am working in non redundant mode. 

Thank you in advance.


Re: Digiface Dante as switch

Those settings are performed in the Dante Controller software. Disable redundancy mode, assign the network ports correctly. Sorry, don't have the details at hand, info is found online at Audinate.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Digiface Dante as switch

Fast response, and fast audio devices - Thats RME;-)
Thank you Matthias!
I will give al look in the Dante Controller software then.