Topic: Connect unbalanced output signal to balanced input (M-1610 Pro)


I'd like to connect the unbalanced outputs of my synths to the balanced inputs on the M-1610 Pro (D-sub connector).

The user manual states:
"These analog inputs are servo-balanced, allowing balanced and unbalanced signals to be connected
without a difference in level. "


"When using unbalanced connections, be sure to connect pin 3 (negative/"cold") to pin 1
(ground), to avoid noise from the unconnected pin 3 input."

Question: Can I connect my synth correctly by using D-sub to 6,3 mm balanced TRS plug (such as Cordial CFD 3 DVT)? I did a test it and found that the signal is pretty low. 

If the described setup does not connect correctly, what are the options, e.g. adapters? Note, I would like to avoid to solder the cable, if possible. 

Many thanks!


Re: Connect unbalanced output signal to balanced input (M-1610 Pro)

That cable will work but has the exact issue that you quoted, unless the output jack of the synth connects ring to ground. If the signal is just low but not hum-buzzing then that connection would give you just 6 dB more level. Synths are known to often have very low output levels.

Unless you plugged the TRS into a stereo output. That would explain far too low levels and wrong sound due to cancellation.

Matthias Carstens