Topic: Excellent support experience


I just wanted to give a shoutout to RME support. I have a Babyface Pro FS. Had it for just over a year and the USB-B/C cable started shorting out. I messaged support to see if there was anything that could be done. TBH I was a little upset that the cable had gone bad already. It was not getting moved around much or plugged/unplugged very often. Support went through some troubleshooting steps to make sure it was the cable. It was. But they don’t replace cables so I’m SOL right?

Nope, support asked where I am in the world. Told them. They go the name of the distributor. I contacted the distributor. Even though it is not something they normally do, they shipped me out a replacement cable no charge. Without me asking them to do so. I just wanted to know if I could order a cable form them.

I’m guilty of complaining about bad support (not with RME, just in general) so thought I’d better call out both RME support and the Canadian RME distributor. Really appreciate the great service!!

Re: Excellent support experience

Thanks for posting about your good experience. I detest poor customer support and it’s nice to hear that a company (of a product I use all the time) actually stands out in this area. Far too many companies are shockingly bad with after-sales support.