Topic: FF800 ADAT1 no sync, no adat out light


I have a fireface 800 that I’ve never used the adat on.. I recently got a bored brain optx module that I would like to connect to the FF, however, I can’t seem to get a sync under any condition on either adat1 or adat2.. wondering if I am missing something.. Under what circumstances would there be no optical light coming from the out port on adat1? It also fails a loopback test.. “no lock” is the status on everything and I never see either adat1 or adat2 led light. The optx module passes a loopback test with either of the 2 optical cables I am using. Thanks! Version 3.41, firmware 2.77.

Re: FF800 ADAT1 no sync, no adat out light

If the loopback test fails on a device, then either the port or the TOSLINK cable is defective, or both:
e.g., on FF800: connect ADAT1 OUT -> ADAT1 IN.
You should also always be able to see a red light on the ADATxOUT.

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