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Topic: Combining old ADI-8 named NUENDO with ADI-8mk lll

Many years ago I bought two ADI-8 named NUENDO, assuming colaboration with Steinberg...after nearly 20years one of them stopped working, so I got myself two new ADI-8mk lll and today I have them all three in my recording studio..

For some reason I never understood that the older one is about 30 samples slower but noticed when tracking drums..
They are all three in sync, recording 48 kHz in...NUENDO, but as said.. there is a difference regarding timing..

So..Is there any way to speed the old one up? probably not.. Slow the mk lll:s down?  OR... Is it only the RECORDING that is delayed but not when only MONITOR /Listen to the signal???

Why? Because I want to be sure regarding phase issues when tracking/mic placement.. yes it IS a notable phaseshift when using several microphones on one source as a drumkit.

AFTER i recorded I simply just nudge the delayed tracks 30/31 samples But can I in realtime make the converters to be sampleaccurate?

Asking Micke S.

Re: Combining old ADI-8 named NUENDO with ADI-8mk lll

20 years newer AD/DA chips work faster. There is nothing that can "fix" this, you would have to manually align tracks, or keep drum inputs on only one converter to avoid the mismatch.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: Combining old ADI-8 named NUENDO with ADI-8mk lll

Ok!, thanks!