Topic: Multiface II and TotalMixFX

hi guys
i am needing to implement some DSP EQ on my output for room correction after a move, until i can get more permanent sound treatment.
I have not needed to use the FX section of total FX before.  All the faders, routing etc of the DSP/TotalMix work, but when i click on "FX" to presumably open the EQ etc, it doesnt open.
I tried to update driver and totalmix FX and it rendered the multiface useless, so i had to restore to old driver again...

does anyone have any suggestion?



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Re: Multiface II and TotalMixFX

Sorry, card recording interface has no FX chip inside.
Since many years, “TotalMix FX” is the new product name of “TotalMix” after a major update of the software.

There are USB/FW/TB interfaces with FX chip like: UFX+, UFX II, MADIface XT, UCX II, 802
BBF Pro FS has only a partial implementation and uses PC for FX.
The only PCIe card which has an FX chip is the HDSPe MADI FX.

See also my comparison Excel in this blog: … B-MADIfac/
Direct Link to Excel: … 4-08-xlsx/

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