Topic: Micstasy error

Recently bought a used Micstasy. Have been playing with it over the last week, connected to a FF800, loaded the midi remote, everything showed up in Totalmix.

Today the front panel went blank, with only a single LED lit in each of the gain displays. Powers on fine, but does the same thing after a couple minutes.
Can it be overheating? It's mounted in an SKB case with the FF800 but there should be enough room. Only the front cover was open.
Only other thing is that I installed a MADI I64 card yesterday.

any ideas? thanks

Re: Micstasy error

It sounds like the "Dark Mode" option is activated. See page 24 here:

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: Micstasy error

Thank You!
Of course that was it. I was wondering if there was some setting I accidentally engaged.
I'm still trying to figure this thing out and I wish I could make the window larger. Might have caught that.
When I choose the full screen option if only gets larger briefly, then revcerts to smaller size.

Anyway thanks again, I guess I'll go back to the manual, start at the beginning again.

Re: Micstasy error

By window I mean thhe Midi remote window
thanks again