Topic: DigiCheck issues on Windows

I've always had problems with digicheck, this is my third PC and third RME interface and it's never worked well. The main issue seems to be the following:
- once DigiCheck has been installed, you lose the ability to set the samplerate to certain options in Windows (non-asio, using the control panel properties)
- digicheck also seems to cause various issues with samplerates and buffer sizes

This last one is particularly bad and is causing me to not use digicheck ever. Essentially if you've had digicheck open, if you change any asio buffer settings it essentially breaks things, causing clicks and glitches. I can fix this by disabling digicheck by selecting 'audio processing off'.

Again, this is my THIRD computer and RME interface and all of them have had these problems. I'm currently running Win11, but I've had problems back on Win 8 and up.

I know RME have said they will not update digicheck for PC, but it's not ever been functional for me due to these issues. It appears to be taking over the soundcard and not playing nice with other applications. Not only that, but the fact that I appear to lose samplerate options in Windows seems pretty bad. Once Digicheck is installed I only get the ability to set the 'Format' in the Windows properties to 16bit or 24bit, 48KHz. No other samplerates.

Re: DigiCheck issues on Windows

Have you unchecked 'Set sample rate for ASIO inputs'?

DIGICheck > Options > Input Device Setup > bottom right corner..

Windows 11 / Nuendo 11 / UFX+ / M-1610 Pro / ADI-2 Pro FS R / Sonnet USB 3.0 PCIe