Topic: Connect madiface xt to another madiface?


I have run out of madi optical ports on my madiface xt. I have the madi coaxial port free, so im looking to expand it with another device.

Is madi face a good option? (Not the xt, the normal one)

Any other choices / solutions?

Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Connect madiface xt to another madiface?

Do you mean MADIface USB?

This doesn't bring you further. The device doesn't support Word Clock.
For clock synchronization, you would need to connect it to a MADI bus of the MADIface XT.
And if you do this, you do not get any additional MADI bus more.

What about using a MADI media converter like this one?

The HDSPe MADI FX could be an option, the 3rd MADI bus can be replaced by an optical module (OPTO-X).

Alternatives (maybe a little over the tops in terms of add-on costs, I only want to mention it):
- old MADI bridge (from used market):
- MADI converter:
- MADI router

EDIT: Another idea. I am uncertain whether it's possible, check manual or ask RME.

To be checked: whether the MADIface USB can get clock through MADIface XT's BNC connector, but to use it's optical port

|  |
|  + MADIface XT    --- MADI Bus 1 optical---devices
|     (clock master)  --- MADI Bus 2 optical---devices
|                             --- MADI Bus 3 coaxial
|                                       |
|                                    (only for clock synch)
|                                       |
+ MADIface USB --- MADI Bus Coax
                          --- MADI Bus optical-----devices

Then you could route between the two TM FX instances at least through the application / DAW.
You need to ensure, in driver settings manually, to use the same ASIO buffer size for both devices, or you get an offset.

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Re: Connect madiface xt to another madiface?

Thanks a lot for your detailed response.
I had not thought abouth wordclock problem with the madiface usb.
That sonible alternative looks good. I had looked into the ssl madi opticoax device.
What i could do is add another ferrofish pulse 16mx, and use a converter to change the madi from optical to coaxial,
Thanks for your support