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Topic: TM FX: request for a few features

Please find the following feature request below regarding
— complete rebuild of settings
— including removal of all routing and creating only the required routings to get more overview in matrix view
— some optimizations to get a nicer overview in submix mode

The manual process I described here: https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.php?id=36025

After the experience I made, I would like to propose to add a few new functions to TotalMix FX which I regard as useful and which would simplify operation and also such a conversion process:

1. backup / restore function for all settings, to be able to back up and recall a complete setup. So even more generic / all-encompassing than save workplace incl.

  • TotalMix FX Preferences

  • TotalMix FX Settings

  • channel layout

  • ARC and Key Commands

  • FX settings

  • Other stuff not listed here, at the end all config files from the Windows profile folder which include everything (same for Apple, wherever they store it). With such a function, you could safely get back to the old state at any time, whatever you do.
    Including the transfer of a whole setup/environment from one to another or new computer.

2. delete all routings. If your recording Interface has many channels, you need a lot of double-clicks to remove all routing entries in matrix view. It would be more user-friendly and would save time to provide a function for that under Options -> Reset Mix.

3. change all channels to standard width (uncheck collapsed, collapsed Tool, EQ, Dynamics settings).

4. toggle all Tool-, EQ- or Dynamics- Submenus of all channels in a row (HW inputs, SW Playbacks, HW Outputs) by shift-mouse-clicking on the Tool or EQ or Dynamics icon of any channel in the row.

5. Set the pan of all mono channels of HW Inputs/SW Playbacks to center for selected submix and for all submixes.

6. Store current state into device: new point “Setup 1-6” to be able to populate all slots in one go.

7. List of functions that speed up operation, documented at one place in the manual (Appendix XYZ).
An overview of all supported TM FX function keys / key commands and combinations of key/mouse click for TM FX “Mixer View” and “Matrix View”.
Additionally, some pieces of information which key commands or functions exist to clone certain channel settings quickly from one channel to the others to the right.

EDIT 3.10.22:
8. After re-thinking: I would prefer to have user definable names also in the TM FX control room.

I hope you like some or all of these ideas. Would be nice if you could spend some time on this topic and to give me your feedback what you think about that, thanks for your time.

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Re: TM FX: request for a few features

+1. Great requests!!!

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Re: TM FX: request for a few features

Robin Walsh wrote:

+1. Great requests!!!


Re: TM FX: request for a few features

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