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Topic: HDSPe RayDAT routing advice for beginner

I am planning to change from USB-DAC to RME PCIe interface since I am building a new computer for VST-intensive work. The plan is to use HDSPe RayDAT card in sync with Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic. At the hardware side I also have three synthesizer modules and a keyboard MIDI controller. Everything would run through Cubase Pro 12.


I am not familiar with this kind of setup so I have done some research on this stuff and from what I have gathered, the routing would go like this:

-Synth modules analog outputs -> Focusrite OctoPre analog inputs.
-Focusrite OctoPre ADAT out -> HDSPe RayDAT ADAT in (48khz sampling rate)
-HDSPe RayDAT ADAT out -> Focusrite OctoPre ADAT in (ADAT line -mode)
-Focusrite OctoPre analog output -> Speakers analog input

-RayDAT word clock out -> Focusrite OctoPre word clock in (RayDAT as the master clock device)

-MIDI Controller keyboard MIDI out -> RayDAT MIDI IN
-RayDAT MIDI out -> MIDI splitter MIDI IN
-MIDI splitter MIDI THRU (X3) -> Synth modules MIDI INs


-i7-11700k, 32g RAM
-Windows 10, Cubase Pro 12


Does this sound right?

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Re: HDSPe RayDAT routing advice for beginner

Welcome to the RME forum.

The Focusrite OctoPre can be configured as “clock slave” to get the clock from the ADAT input (from RayDAT).
Therefore, you can save the effort / cabling to use Word Clock for clock distribution.

You configure the RayDAT as “clock master” in the RME driver settings (clock source = “internal”).

| PCIe
HDSPe RayDAT----ADAT1 OUT------------------> ADAT1 IN-----OctoPre (clock slave)---Analog IN<----Synth modules
(clock master) \---ADAT1 IN<-------------------- ADAT1 OUT--/
  \        \
   \        +MIDI#1 IN <------- MIDI OUT---MIDI Master Keyboard / Controller
     +-----MIDI#1 OUT ------> MIDI IN-----Splitter---MIDI OUT#1 -----> MIDI IN---Synth module #1
                                                                  \--------MIDI OUT#2 -----> MIDI IN---Synth module #2
                                                                   \-------MIDI OUT#3 -----> MIDI IN---Synth module #3

For higher clock rates (double speed, 88.2/96 kHz) you would need a 2nd pair of TOSLINK cables.
Then two channels are bundled / multiplexed to have the higher bandwidth for double amount of digital data.

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Re: HDSPe RayDAT routing advice for beginner

Greetings and thanks for your answer!

I read somewhere that ADAT isn't optimal for syncing but after further reading it seems it's only an issue if I needed to sync multiple digital devices to the RayDAT. And since I'll only plug in OctoPre, ADAT syncing would be more than fine.

Re: HDSPe RayDAT routing advice for beginner

I remember that adat sync is even a little better, jitter wise, the wordclock, because of possible electrical issues with WC. But since steadyclock and steadyclock FS there is very little to worry anyway.

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