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Topic: Windows 11 - More performance through less security ???

https://www.heise.de/news/Microsoft-Meh … 04612.html

What is good for gaming might also be well for recording. Who uses Windows 11 and would be interested in trying out whether this speeds up Windows, certain DAW functions/exports or reduces DPC latency?

If I have understood correctly, then it is a matter of the following two settings:
1. windows security – device security – core isolation – memory integrity: turn off.
2. in “Windows Features” deactivate the selection:    [  ] VM Platform

If you need a translation of the article into English, see next posting.

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Re: Windows 11 - More performance through less security ???

Translation of the article into English:

Microsoft: More performance for games in Windows 11 – through less security (11.10.2022 10:24 Dirk Knop)

Microsoft responds to complaints from Windows 11 users regarding too low gaming performance. With the tips, users deactivate security settings.

Microsoft is offering tips for computers running Windows 11 operating systems on how to optimize their speed for gaming. Game enthusiasts have complained about lower performance and also noticed in their tests that there are speed losses in games. The reason for this is certain security settings.

Security versus speed

Security checks of functions and actions cost computing time and thus speed – that should go down as a truism. In Windows 11, Microsoft has beefed up the security functions. In Windows 11, the manufacturer uses virtualization for scenarios such as Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity (HVCI), also known as Memory Integrity, and the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP).

According to Microsoft, VMP provides central virtual machine services for Windows. Memory integrity, on the other hand, prevents attackers from injecting their own malicious code and also ensures that all drivers loaded by the operating system have a correct signature and are therefore trustworthy. Both security functions are active by default on all new Windows 11 devices, Microsoft explains in the instructions provided [1].

Providing a clear warning, Microsoft explains that gamers who prioritize their gaming performance could disable these features for the period of gaming and then turn them on again afterwards. However, as long as the security features are turned off, the system is vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats.

Disabling security functions

To play at maximum speed, memory integrity can be deactivated. All that is needed is a click on the start menu and the entry of core isolation. There you can toggle the switch for memory integrity and deactivate the feature.

Game enthusiasts can find memory integrity in the Windows security settings under Find and disable core isolation.

Players, on the other hand, deactivate the VM platform function in the Windows app, which can be opened after entering Activate or deactivate Windows features by clicking on the Windows start icon.

Under “Activate or deactivate Windows features”, the braking function “VM platform” can be found.

After confirming with the “OK” button, Windows can prompt for a restart.

This should release the brakes and maximize the game speed. However, since deactivating security functions puts the system at risk, users should switch both functions back on after gaming.

Windows 11 has often had to struggle with speed problems. At the beginning of the year, for example, there were occasional jerks, especially with AMD Ryzen processors [2].

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Re: Windows 11 - More performance through less security ???

A few more comments on Win11 and Microsoft's acting…

Microsoft's approach is really cool. First, they let users dispose of their hardware because the CPU is supposedly no longer powerful enough (bad joke).
This is already an absurdity in itself and an environmental sin if you consider how much hazardous waste this generates and how many new resources have to be used or wasted for many computers.

Honestly, Microsoft: first refuse to install and complain, that a system is not performant enough for Win11, which so far has performed very well under Windows 7-10 and the users throw away the devices.

But after the installation on new hardware, they make the security switchable, just so that gamers don't howl about it. That's really super consistent and a great approach.

Well, Mother Environment and resources … you're already lying on the ground and being trampled underfoot.

Of course there are tweaks to get around all this, but as always, there remains the residual risk that Microsoft might switch it off and suddenly the computer doesn't work anymore. It wouldn't be nice to be caught unprepared. Well, and with this fear, Microsoft speculates that people will buy a new system after all.

Well, I will continue to use Win10 until the last possibility and then let's see further.

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