Topic: MADI delay compensation and device ID

My studio has the following digital devices

Neve 4081 - with AES output
RME Octamic XTC
RME Octamix XTC
RME ADI-8 QS with dual LED i-64 card

The Neve is connected to one of the XTCs via the AES in

The RME devices are connected over optical MADI

For convenience the MADI devices are connected
1 ADI-8

But in Totalmix I prefer to see the XTCs as lower number channels that the ADI-8

So I've set up the routing:-

MADI 9-18 XTC device ID 1 mic inputs

MADI 1-8 - Neve 4081 route via XTC device ID 2
MADI 19-24 XTC devce ID 2 mic inputs

MADI 25-32 ADI-8 device ID 4

This works - but I wonder if by setting up the device IDs as I have - am I messing up the delay compensation.

I could make the ADI device ID 1, and the XTCs 2 and 3, and then use the digital mapping on one of the XTCs to remap the MADI channels to where I want. Would this be better?

Any advice from the experts here?

Re: MADI delay compensation and device ID

For delay compensation to work correctly, the MADI ID needs to match with the position of the device in the chain.
For XTCs you can additionally configure Auto-CA, then the channel assignment will be performed automatically according to the MADI ID. The ADI-8 QS supports delay compensation but no automatic channel assignment.
Order the devices in a way that it is easy for you to operate.
In the rack I am cabling from top down.
I would put the XTCs 1st so that you can remote control the two XTCs by the first 16 MADI channels:
Then you have in the Rack top / down (Neve as you prefer)

  • UFX+

  • XTC#1     - Auto-CA - MADI ID 1 - MADI Channel 1-8    (automatically assigned by Auto-CA)

  • XTC#2     - Auto-CA - MADI ID 2 - MADI Channel 9-16  (automatically assigned by Auto-CA)

  • ADI-8 QS - Auto-ID  - MADI ID 3 - MADI Channel 17-24 (routing has to be configured manually, delay compensation has to be turned on manually)

  • Neve (via AES)

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Re: MADI delay compensation and device ID

Thanks for your help - now have the IDs following the device order - and the mapping the way I want it.

Thanks for your advice.