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Topic: MacOS "forgets" RME-driver after re-boot [solved]


I've a strange issue with my HDSPe AIO: since 3-4 weeks, the driver won't be loaded after a re-boot of the system.
If I do a new install the driver works until the computer is rebooted again. So, after the "re-install" I let the installer open and it worked somehow.

It would be at least a fix (a minute of work after re-boot), but all the Totalmix-Settings (the customized channel names still exit) are forgotten, as well.

I did not change the macOS version (Big Sur) and it worked for nearly two years without any issues.

Any ideas?

Additional information:

  • The Security Center will not show me the possibility to grant the RME-driver (as it should)

  • my AIO is connected via Thunderbolt 3 - which worked perfectly fine the last 3 years.

  • I can't go to the next version of macOS, since a famous PlugIn/Hardware-Company from Berlin starting with "N" is not able to fix their drivers since 2020 - compatibility issues with Logic... :-)


Re: MacOS "forgets" RME-driver after re-boot [solved]


Matthias Carstens

Re: MacOS "forgets" RME-driver after re-boot [solved]

Thank you very much! The fix worked without any issues.

The explanations are very clear (e.g. I didn't know this " " --> "_" issue for drive names).
After less than 15 minutes, everything ran like the issue never happened.

The user forum of RME was one reason to buy my audio interface from RME. This level of support is quite unique.
I appreciate that very much.