Topic: POE to AVB

Is it safe to use a POE injector cable … amp;sr=8-9 to deliver 12V to the AVB tool using the stock RME power supply?  AC power is not available for the AVB tool my installation location.

Re: POE to AVB

IMO it won't work. First of all there are no spare wires if you intend to use AVB (Gigabit Ethernet uses all eight wires). But even if not:

Rated Voltage:12Vdc, Rated Current :1.5Amps((the best will be 1.0A or so for long term use );

That is very likely not enough on a long cable.

Re: POE to AVB

I've confirmed that the AVB Tool operates perfectly over POE using the items below:
POE injector … ct_details
POE 12V splitter … ct_details
35 ft ethernet cable … ct_details

Re: POE to AVB

Thanks for posting that information! Yes, the specs of those items mentioned are suitable.