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Topic: Dropouts with DF AVB, AVB Tool, 12mic


I have a setup with 12mic, Digiface AVB, AVB Tool and an Presonus AVB Switch SW5E, clocked by AVB Tool CRF Stream 96k PCM. , Audio is in sync. I used the latest firmware in any device.

I have recorded some channels but got Drop Outs after around 75mins for 1 or 2secs, again one minute later, a big problem while a live concert recording...

Today i have checked everything and still had Drop Outs in recording 1kHz Sine. I disconnected the Presonus Switch and did a direct wiring between DF AVB and AVB Tool and started the recording, still with Drop Outs!

Debugging in Hive:

  • AECP Unexpected Responses and +1 in "Media Unlocked/Locked".

  • The AVB Tool is set to 96kHz internal but in Hive the CRF Stream Output says 48kHz, so i am a bit confused. My daw is well clocked to 96k so i was fine with that...

And now?

Re: Dropouts with DF AVB, AVB Tool, 12mic


Milan (in the current revision) only defines 48 kHz CRF streams, all sampling rates that are multiples thereof (96 kHz, 192 kHz) can be easily derived from that frequency. So that is all good.

We are currently seeing these issues in some setups, but only when devices are clocked using CRF streams. This is currently under investigation.

For the time being, please use AAF audio streams for synchronisation. Bandwidth usually isn't a concern, but you can use 2 channel streams if it is only for clocking.

Best regards

Re: Dropouts with DF AVB, AVB Tool, 12mic

Thank you Marc for your fast help!

Good to know, so i hope that the CRF Streams are going to work some day wink

For now i changed my sync settings to 12Mic as Master, so my long time test recordings are running without Dropouts.

Best regards,

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Re: Dropouts with DF AVB, AVB Tool, 12mic

There was a PLL update in version 248 (of the Digiface AVB) which improves the clocking on CRF streams. Version 252 improves the gPTP which may also have an impact on the clocking. Please try the latest versions.