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Topic: How to contact RME software developers?

Does anyone know how to forward my message below to the developers of the ASIO driver hdsp32?

Thank you


Feature request: memory-aligned buffers for ASIO driver (hdsp32.exe)

The support staff told me to post my message here for the RME developers:

When my C++ ASIO host is calling ASIOCreateBuffers(), I noticed that the Hammerfall DSP ASIO driver (for my HDPSe AES PCIe card) allocates buffers whose starting memory address is aligned to 16 bytes (the default).

It would be great to have them *aligned to 64 bytes* (the cacheline size) for the following reasons.

  • First, it is backward compatible, as 64-alignment is also a 16-alignment, so ASIO hosts using the16-aligned buffers still work.

  • Second, cache performance improves on small buffers. For example, using 32 samples in the Hammerfall DSP ASIO driver, each channel has a buffer size of 128 bytes. Due to the fact the buffers are 16-aligned, these 128 bytes are hosted in *three* consecutive cachelines, whereas 64-aligned buffers require *two* cachelines. In other words, one third of cacheline loads is automatically saved by ASIO hosts in this way (no change is needed in their code).

  • Third, some specialized AVX2 instructions that require 32-byte alignment could be used, whereas this is not possible now.

In summary, it would be very helpful if you could make this simple change in the next release of the Hammerfall DSP ASIO driver. Performance would have a benefit with no drawbacks (at least I could not see any of them so far).

Thank you

Re: How to contact RME software developers?

I have been contacted, thanks!