Topic: RME AVB controller does not work on Windows 11.

Some time ago I updated from Windows 10 to 11.
Then I noticed that the RME AVB controller application was not working properly.

TotalMix and MADIface setting applications are working properly.
However, the AVB controller cannot open the settings screen.
When I displayed the WIndows tab screen, the AVB controller only displayed a white screen.

Has anyone been able to use the AVB controller application in Windows 11?
How did you fix the problem?
Can I have your advice?

My System:
Windows11 22H2
RME Digiface AVB
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Re: RME AVB controller does not work on Windows 11.


I was able to solve the problem.
It was not an AVB connection or Windows 11 issue.
It was a very simple cause.

If anyone is serious about finding the cause I want to apologize.

It was because the RME AVB controller window was placed outside the PC's display screen.
I used the shortcut keys Alt + Spacebar to move the active window, and used the left and right keys to operate the window I was looking for.
Nothing I did was improving the situation, so I thought of a slightly different cause...
However, this is the first time I have launched an RME application on Windows 11.
So I don't know why it was placed outside the screen.

Anyway, problem solved.
I'm sorry taking your time.