Topic: Babyface Pro: Change software signal on hardware input to POST?

By default all programs receive analog input signal after gain and pre-fader/pre-mute when Loopback is selected. Is there a way to send input channel to programs after mute or after fader?

I need Loopback to remain de-selected while I send input microphone signal to a program only when I press a button in Babyface (like talkback). I created a mute group for that input channel and assigned DIM button to Push-off. But it doesn't affect the microphone signal sent to that program because it's sent pre-mute.


Re: Babyface Pro: Change software signal on hardware input to POST?

Let me explain this in a different way.

I'm using Sonobus to stream audio to/from another PC over the internet. On my side Sonobus receives stream and outputs it to Babyface Pro the same way as all programs do. But outgoing Sonobus stream must receive signal from a microphone connected to AN 1 only when I press and hold a button on my Babyface Pro. So that button would only work as a Talkback button. By default all programs receive input before mute and faders, so I can't mute or solo that signal before it's sent to Sonobus.

I tried setting up the Talkback function in Totalmix but it only seems working when Loopback is selected on main output. But Loopback feeds my incoming stream back to outgoing which creates a loop.

How can I send a Microphone signal to a program by pressing and holding a button?