Topic: M-32 DA won't sync to 96k MADI stream coming from MADI Router

Here's my setup. RME MADI router, only one BNC input connected, coming at 96k from a Merging Sphynx 2. The input correctly shows 96k and "Locked" in the MADI Router. I send it straight to one of the router's BNC outputs, and from there into an RME M-32 DA (not the new M32 Pro). It won't sync no matter what I do! It plays audio, but with the sync LED flashing, it sounds horrible, as expected. It syncs fine if I switch the Sphynx to 48k, but not at 96k.

To troubleshoot, I hooked up the Sphynx MADI straight to the M-32 DA, bypasswing the router, and it syncs right away no problem. Going through the router, though, no sync!

What am I doing wrong? I am at a loss...