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Topic: CPU/GPU temperatures - quite a difference

Because of rising energy costs, I have chosen my system settings so that the computer only runs in energy-saving mode, unless the e.g., DAW is started. This is easy to realize with Process Lasso Pro (Bitsum, https://bitsum.com/). You can assign applications to a certain power profile.

I have also adjusted the energy saving mode so that as many cores as possible are parked and the lowest clock is used.
This can be easily set with the tool Parkcontrol (also from Bitsum, there is a free version available).

Somehow I had to smile. My CPU cores (E5-1650v4) now run at low 26-27 °C. TBH, I set the fans of my Fractal Design case to 12V before instead of letting them spin at 5V). But the temperature before was also only at 30 °C.

In contrast to that, my nVidia graphic card (RTX 2070 Super) runs at around 60 °C. I had to turn off the power saving with the powermizer tool, to get entirely rid of audio glitches. Fortunately, the energy consumption is not much higher, only the GPU gets a few degrees warmer in IDLE mode (around 8-10 °C).

I would be happy if the GPU could also be operated more energy-efficiently here without affecting audio.

Where exactly the connection between the energy-saving mode of the nVidia GPU and audio glitches exists, who knows. LatencyMon showed no issues, no spikes in terms of DPC. But I am happy now, that I have no audio glitches anymore at irregular intervals, when nVidia power saving is turned on.
Well, then rather the 60° with the GPU, than constantly having to change with Powermizer, which requires a reboot each time.


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