Topic: Dante digiface clocking with ufx+


I have a rack consisting of 3x grace design m108 hooked up with Rme digiface dante and trough madi coaxial its connected to ufx+.

And i have another ufx+.

For upcoming recording i am planning to connect both ufx+(Stage rack with dante)  with second ufx+ via fiber madi for distant monitoring+Daw recording.

May be its not really usual way of connection but i need 28mic inputs on stage. 24ch Grace+ 4 ufx.

Can anybody help me how is it going to be with clocking?

In the rack, Dante master clock is digiface dante, and ufx+ is synced to it.

So i assume ufx in the rack is already slave, and if connect a second ufx via madi, will it be synced up?

Curious in general how does it work when you mix network based signals with non network inputs. Should i just consider it as same as adat signals in terms of workflow?


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Re: Dante digiface clocking with ufx+

2nd UFX+ should get clock through MADI.
Regarding 1st UFX at stage routing channels between MADI optical and coax.
Check manual, needs to be in split mode, then 32 separate channels.

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