Topic: MadiFace XT to Protools with AES on MAC

On an iMac-Pro the audio-signal from the MadiFace XT's AES input is not getting into Protools 2022.10.0 @ 96kHz . The MADI inputs 1 to 32 are getting into Protools. It seems that no audio is getting into Protools from Ch 65 and up, (I cannot verify this)

The Protools audioEngine is set to MadiFace XT, and in the I/O Setup Default Format is Stereo, the Inputs and outputs show MADI 1-2 to MADI 191-192 and the Analog 1-2 and The AES L/R .
Remark: at Fs 96 kHz, shouldn't this be only MADI 1-2 to MADI 95-96?

Is there a way so that I can records the AES input from the MADIFace XT into Protools? 
When using Reaper with the MadiFace XT engine, the AES audio in/out arrives without any problem, so the audio is getting into and out of the iMac-0Pro.


iMac-Pro 64GB OS 11.7.1 , Protools 2022.10.0 Audio-engine is set to MadiFaceXT @ 96kHz , Totalmix OS 11.7.1 (1) in Digital Audio Workstation mode and set all channels to stereo , MadiFace XT Firmware v191 , Driver v 3.27  AES=Professionnal  Madi 1-3  64 (32) ch ,  SR = 96000 Hz Clock = Madi1 , USB CRC Errors = 0 , 96K Frame 32 Channels

Re: MadiFace XT to Protools with AES on MAC

This is a restriction with Protools, it has a 64 channel limit when using 3rd party devices. It will only see the first 64 channels.
You can use Totalmix to route the AES input to an output channel seen by Protools. Then enable loopback on that output channel to make it available as an input.