Topic: HDSP Aes-32 + Adat

Hi all,

I am using an AES-32 and I need double ADAT input option.

How can I do this? Combine cards, expansion, something else?


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Re: HDSP Aes-32 + Adat

You could add a RayDAT which uses the same driver. Clock sync maybe through internal cable or by using AES, check manuals.
Each card has then it's own TM FX instance.
Routing between those cards through DAW or through the AES connection which you can use for clock sync.
If you only need 2x ADAT i/o and are short on slot space in your PC case, then you could deploy only the main card which has the connector for the breakout cable with AES and leave out the daughter card which has the remaining two ADAT ports and breakout cable for MIDI if I remember right.
If you need optical SPDIF, this is only possible for port ADAT4 on daughter card.

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Re: HDSP Aes-32 + Adat

Hey thanks for your reply!

RayDat is HDSPe while AES-32 is not pci express, so do you think this would be a problem as far as the driver concerns?

Is it safer to use the 9652 which uses the same bus transfer tech?

Also my Mytek is the master and sends wordclock to pc and rest of my converters, and 9652 has a WC input while raydat will need a tco expansion I guess.

I just need 2 ADAT inputs on PC so I can send my converters 1-4 and 5-8 ADAT outs at 96Khz.

Ok I will have separate TM FX instances but will I have all the inputs (AES and ADATs) available in my DAW (Cubase 12) for recording simultaneously?
Or will I have to make some special routing on TMs to have them available in DAW?
Thats what really puzzles me

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Re: HDSP Aes-32 + Adat

I wouldn't buy any new PCI device anymore.
HDSPe driver supports most HDSPe cards no matter whether the physical connection is PCI or PCIe. It only counts that the card is supported this you can check by comparing the driver downloads of the cards and by Reading the driver's Readme file.
To expansion is too expensive, Raydat has much cheaper WC module.
Check the manuals  maybe both cards support an internal digital or WC connector.

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