Topic: Linux drivers for HDSPe AIO Pro now available

Want to let everyone know there is a new Linux driver (and tools) for RME HDSPe MADI / AES / RayDAT / AIO and AIO Pro sound cards.

Now I have to start saving so I can get one and film a setup guide.

Re: Linux drivers for HDSPe AIO Pro now available

Seems you managed to save up enough and get the card. smile

I saw your video on Youtube[1] and it pushed me to buy yet another RME device. I went with the HDSPe MADI. I already have a Fireface UFX+ and wanted to connect the two devices together via MADI. It seems to work out well. Finally a lot of channels on GNU/Linux, not limited by USB class compliant mode anymore. Very nice.

Now if there was TotalMix FX, that would make it perfect. In the meantime, I'll try to befriend HDSPMixer.

Thank you!


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Re: Linux drivers for HDSPe AIO Pro now available

Right on. I was able to talk myself into an upgrade since we were running the 9632 in the production studio. Glad the HDSPe MADI is working out for you.

HDSPMixer technically functions but I do all of the live mixing & routing in the DAW these days.

The absence of TotalMix is why I recommend MOTU AVB/MK5 to people looking for a "do it all" USB interface. 

The USB offerings from RME are a hard sell without access to the internal DSP but who knows, it may get reverse engineered one day.