Topic: Am I thinking of this correctly? Millennia + 12Mic + UFX+

Hi everyone! First post on here so my apologies if this is the incorrect catagory for this topic. I currently have a UFX+, 12Mic, and a Millennia 8V-3D. My plan is to send back my 8V-3D to get their MADI card installed (comes with optical and BNC MADI outputs).

My hope is to keep Millennia + 12Mic on stage close to mics. The Millennia's outputs will connect to the 12Mic via BNC Madi. I'll route Millennia's 8 channels to go to whichever 12Mic Optical MADI channels that are not in use for 12Mic's own analog inputs (lets say MADI 13-20). Millennia + 12Mic's channels will come back to my control room location via 12Mic's optical MADI output and into my UFX+ (a OM4 LC to SC MADI cable that I already use for connecting my 12Mic and UFX+).

Can someone double check my hypothetical set up with these units just to make sure that this set up would work and I'm not forgetting something crucial regarding MADI networking? Thank you very much!!

Re: Am I thinking of this correctly? Millennia + 12Mic + UFX+

It will work. Just make sure you're clocking correctly. One master+two slaves, and that the slaved devices receive their clock one route or another.. (if Millenia is slaved, you'd still need to connect from 12Mic madi coax out to Millenia in for clocking, even if no audio is going that way)

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Re: Am I thinking of this correctly? Millennia + 12Mic + UFX+

Thank you very much for double checking! Yes, the Millennia has a BNC wordclock connection and I’ll plan to send clock from 12Mic to Millennia this way.