Topic: Dear RME, what's the MADIplan?

Hi dear RME team - I wonder what's your plan for interfaces in the "Premium Line", as this forum section is appropiately called. ;)

With MADIface Pro out of production, MADIface XT not available and UFX+ now discontinued, the most universal and feature-rich MADI-enabled interfaces are gone.
There is MADIface USB - but it's missing even a direct Phones out. To use it for an edit booth one would need to hook up an AVB tool, a costly and complex workaround. HDSPE MADI FX looks tempting, but only for desktops with PCI slots or people wanting to fiddle with a (costly and complex) Thunderbolt enclosure. And still has no analog Ins and only a Phones out. 

At this point probably many RME users running MADI-networked devices would benefit if you would let them in just a bit on your roadmap. If RME would declare IP-based transmission as its sole future of multichannel audio, many users would follow suit (I myself would reluctantly, as I very much appreciate the simplicity of a MADI connection).
But so far there is no hint whatsoever towards a new flagship interface following the UFX+, which will be sorely missed. Even Apple(TM) at one point decided to announce upcoming Mac Pro lines, to show commitment to their pro users. Maybe you can at least think about giving your "Premium Line" users such a courtesy.

Everybody here loves RME products and would love to count on their audio architecture being future-proof for years to come.


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Re: Dear RME, what's the MADIplan?

From what we can read in the forum is, that some interfaces are not available anymore due to chip crisis.
For the UFX+ the Intel thunderbolt chips are not available anymore.
I would expect an UFX+ successor in the near future, USB3 based without TB, again with MADI.

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Re: Dear RME, what's the MADIplan?

ramses wrote:

I would expect an UFX+ successor in the near future, USB3 based without TB, again with MADI.

Can anyone confirm information of launching ufx+ successor around march 2023? Im about to buy new interface and wondering if I can wait a little bit longer.

Btw, hi everyone. Im new on forum.