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Topic: No meter info from host in TotalMix Remote

Just trying to see if anyone knows how to fix this issue.  I installed TotalMix Remote on my MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.7 which I am using to connect to the TotalMix host on my iMac running OS 11.7.1.  I can control faders in TotalMix Remote and the channel names I have designated along with the mixer layout matches what's in the host.  My big problem is I am not getting any meter feedback from TotalMix Remote.  I have disabled firewalls on both computers and even designated the UDP/TCP port to be fully open on my router(this was probably not needed since both TotalMix Host and Remote permissions were allowed in my firewall settings).  Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue with some setups?


Re: No meter info from host in TotalMix Remote

Faders work both ways, only level meters missing? That's new.

Can you please list any version and model information needed to know what we are talking about? Audio interface with firmware version, driver version, the version number of TM FX on the host and the Remote...

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Re: No meter info from host in TotalMix Remote

I have a Fireface UCXii with firmware v39 and driver v3.28.  Host TM FX is 1.78 and Remote is 1.12.  On a side note, I looked to see if I needed to update any SW and USB Flash Tool shows Current Revision USB 39 DSP 0 Class-Compliant 0 Fallback USB 0 and New Revision USB 39 DSP 24 Class-Compliant 19.  When the UCXii starts up it shows SW Version 24.  I cannot flash but everything else is working with my setup so I'm unsure if I have a firmware issue or it just won't flash because I'm already up to date.  Thanks!

Re: No meter info from host in TotalMix Remote

Ok, I figured out the issue and it was simple.  Somehow I downloaded an older version of Total Mix Remote.  I'm not sure how I did that, but I must have found a link to old software somehow.  I updated TotalMix Remote to v1.23 and I'm good to go.  Sorry for wasting your time!