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Topic: RME Driver not loading

Hello all. I have two systems, one at home (OS 13.1 MBP2019  and the other at the studio (Monterey iMac 2015) . Fireface800 and UFX. For a long period of time I've never had ANY issues with either machines and the wonderful RME drivers. My FF800 is connected via Thunderbolt OWC Dock with a firewire port.

I have a piece of software (Video Sync) https://non-lethal-applications.com/pro … deo-sync-5 which has been working fine for months! (if not years). Then a few months ago, pretty much on both machines its started crashing and just not responding.
It seems as though the problem comes from the RME driver. I reached out to the developers who were really helpful but unable to solve the issue saying that it is essentially an RME issue.

They pointed me to the "Extensions" in the system report and said that the drivers are not loading correctly. I have made several attempts to un-install, re-install etc but still having issues. Can anyone help please?

The system report mentions USB but of course the 800 (And UFX) are connected via firewire.
I should add that I have NO problems whatsoever with any other software using that driver (Logic, Dorico, Sibelius,Spotify etc)

This is from the System report.


  Version:    3.28
  Last Modified:    1/9/2022, 02:33
  Bundle ID:    de.rme-audio.driver.RMEFirefaceUSB
  Notarised:    Yes
  Loaded:    No
  Get Info String:    Version 3.28 (10)
  Obtained from:    Identified Developer
  Kind:    Universal
  Architectures:    arm64e, x86_64
  64-Bit (Intel):    Yes
  Location:    /Library/Extensions/RMEFirefaceUSB.kext
  Kext Version:    15
  Loadable:    Yes
  Dependencies:    Deprecated
  Signed by:    Developer ID Application: RME GmbH (67AK2U2X7M), Developer ID Certification Authority, Apple Root CA

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Re: RME Driver not loading

When connecting the FF800 directly to the iMac2015 without any hub or dock, is it not working ?

That OWC dock has a headset connector, it is itself an audio interface, I guess the problems started after a OWC dock driver update ?

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Re: RME Driver not loading

> They pointed me to the "Extensions" in the system report and said that the drivers are not loading correctly.

That sounds like a misunderstanding. If both UFX and FF800 use FireWire (aka the FireWire driver) the USB driver is indeed not loaded - logically. And will not be a reason for a crash as it does absolutely nothing. You could remove it to verify this.

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Re: RME Driver not loading

Hi all,
The same problem is actually on two different machines. One as the OWC dock the other (UFX) is an iMac connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display with a Firewire port built in that connects to the UFX.

It definitely appears to be an RME thing.