Topic: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

New Dante set up:
RME 12MIC -D, Grace m108
Marian Clara E sound card in PC
All working nicely together at 24/192.
Need to send signal for monitor system. Before dante, using RME UFX AES/EBU connection to monitors. Sending 2channel stereo mix output to 12MIC and Grace is working. Connecting 12MIC to UFX by ADAT set to 2 channels for quad speed - no signal to AES and no signal to headphones in UFX. UFX reads 192 KHz on front panel.
Any ideas on problem?  Since UFX is currently only in system as monitor interface, alternate hardware could be considered.

Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

Did you route the signal from ADAT input to those two outputs on UFX+? Also, did you route the signal from Dante to ADAT on 12Mic-D?

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Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

Note Iā€™m trying to connect UFX not UFX+.
If UFX+ was available, I might connect via MADI to 12MIC.
TotalMix routing UFX ADAT input to AES output and control room phones and analog 1/2. No phones or AES output seen.
Dante routing soundcard mix output 1/2 to RME 12MIC 13/14 to phones (successful) and ADAT output.

Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

The input signal should appear on an ADAT channel, not as AES. Please provide screenshots of Totalmix and the Settings Dialog. Also, did you route that input signal to the AES output manually?

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

Input is hardwired via Toslink cable 12MIC ADAT1 out to UFX ADAT1 in.  Routing is done in TotalMix from ADAT 1/2 to AES within UFX.

It is not clear to me how to paste a screenshot here.

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Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

That all looks basically correct, but there is no Dante input signal on the 12Mic Dante. Did you create the flow in the Dante Controller app?

The AES output mix has some other channels fed to it, if you want only the 12Mic audio sent to AES out, pull down all the other faders on the Hardware Input and Software Playback sections, so the only fader up is ADAT 1/2.

Jeff Petersen
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Re: 12MIC Dante to UFX via ADAT 192 KHz

Resolved.???  No, Not resolved.

Issue was in the DAW software Playback device preference.  I had changed it to the new Clara E soundcard when I installed it.  Selecting the RME UFX as Playback device under options is working.

Thanks to all that provided input.

Selecting RME UFX as playback device allows me to mix with monitors.  But I don't have any of the Dante channels for recording.  When I want to record, I bleieve I need the device set as Clara E soundcard, and I cannot feed live signal to AES for monitoring while recording live, as I functioned before.