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Topic: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

Hello to RME community,

I have a question, I'd like to use a guitar pedal (Boss RV5) as a FX plugin in my DAW. So the way to do it is basically I connect from RME to the pedal and then from the pedal back to my RME.

My question is the following, do I have to use a reamp box and a DI in order to do those connections or can I connect straight away with 1/4 mono jack the interface to the pedal. If the last possibility is possible, I read on another forum that I need to check the impedance of the output from the FIREFACE being set to instrument and not line in order to be accepted by the pedal.

2 questions :

1. how can I set FIREFACE UC output to INSTRUMENT setting instead of LINE?
2. Do I have to use 1/4 jack mono balanced or unbalanced to do the connection?

I hope my description is clear and that you can find me an answer. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.



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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

1 No instrument setting on the output channels. If the signal is too much, you have to lower the output fader in Totalmix.
2 Use the unballanced cables. On the RME side both cables would work but the pedal may not work with ballanced cables.

And yes, it will work without additional gear, just connect and make the routing correct.

There is no impedance issue, observe the returning signal and adjust the outgoing volume to get a nice signal.
no re-amp or DI-box is needed.

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

Thank you waedi for your response. Since I want to use the boss rv5 as a stereo effect is it ok if I use Cordial CFY 0,9 VPP for cables. Stereo jack from the interface into two monos going to Boss input and then , 2 monos jack going from the output of the Boss to a stereo jack back into the interface. Is it correct?

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

The inputs and outputs of the interface are not stereo.
Use just plain mono-jack cables.

And for the Boss you don't need to input stereo.
Send one mono channel with the guitar out of the RME into the Boss input mono, it will create stereo reverb.
Take the two outputs of the Boss into two inputs of the RME and you can record a nice stereo reverb, or use it live.

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

Thanks waedi. I may not have been clear. I won't plug guitar into the RME. I just want to use the effect of the Boss to use it as an external audio effect inside my DAW which has some stereo tracks. Basically, I want to create a plugin inside my DAW using the boss pedal. Knowing that, can you confirm that I need to connect two mono outputs from the RME to two inputs of the Boss and then two mono outputs of the Boss back to two inputs of the RME. Is that correct? Thanks for your time

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

yes tha's correct.

To send the sound from the DAW to the Boss there is a routing to do in Totalmix.
You know how to do this ?

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

Not really, I was gonna try to work it out but if you can be of some help, I would be more than happy.

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Re: Connect BOSS RV-5 to a Fireface UC

Then you have to address input and output channels for the RV-5 in the DAW, I don't know wich DAW you use so you have to do this yourself.
You choose let's say output channels 5/6 for sending music to the RV-5.
Open Totalmix. you should see this music signal in the third channel in the middle row.
The RV-5 is connected to the interface on wich sockets ?
Let's assume it is output 5/6.
In Totalmix click onto that output channel, bottom row the third fader.
The channel is now highlighted, it is selected for submix.
Pull up the fader of the software output 5/6 the music for the RV-5.
Now the RV-5 receives your music and in the input channels top row in Totalmix you should see the back coming signal.

Click on an output channel and pull up faders, that is the routing process.

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