Topic: Legacy Compatibility

Hi all,

is there a way to check RME's stated compatibility with various OSs?

Specifically I'm looking to get an older MADI PCIe interface. I only need one MADI I/O and I'm wondering how I can check that my PC will be compatible with, what might well end up, being the purchase of a used card. Do the older MADI PCIe cards work with Windows 10? Or even Windows 11?
Is there a checked Mobo compatibility or list of known PC components that they wont work with?

Thanks, David

Re: Legacy Compatibility

Select a product on RME homepage. Click TAB "driver". There you see available driver for different OS versions.

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Re: Legacy Compatibility

All HDSP cards work fine with W10 or 11.
We do not specifically test mainboards, though.

Daniel Fuchs