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What is the difference from Quadmic l to Quadmic ll ?

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Re: QuadMic

Nothing in terms of basic functionality. Technical improvements...

Daniel Fuchs

Re: QuadMic

I was investigating and I was able to find these differences;

Octamic I
Max. input level: +11 dBu
THD: < 0.006% @ 30 dB Gain
Rear gain button (Hi gain + 4db)

Octamic II
Max. input level XLR: +15 dBu
Max. input level TRS: +21 dBu
THD: < 0.0005% @ 30 dB Gain

Octamic I; +11dbu, Is it for both (XLR and TRS)?

Could you tell me if there is any other technical difference and expose it?

Thanks in advance!