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Topic: Noise present on 1 of 3 Multifaces, cleared by reboot

I mentioned this on the beta DK drivers thread, and was asked if I could try powering my 3 Multifaces outside of my Sonnet PCIe chassis.

Powering my Multifaces with their own power supplies doesn't clear the problem.

On first boot, TotalMix shows noise on one Multiface, but not the other 2. Noise cleared after a reboot.

I was going to attach an image, showing the noise, but seems that feature is disabled.

So - is this just me then? Anyone else using combined Multifaces? Anyone else seen this?

One other odd thing I can see on the HDSPe settings screens for the cards, is that for the 2 good units, Time Code shows as Card 1. For the bad unit, Time Code shows as --:--:--

...but word clock sync is looking OK.

After the reboot which clears the issue, the bad unit/card then shows "Card 1" and the third unit displays the "--:--:--". May, or may not be related?