Topic: RayDat ADAT set up to fireface 800

Hi everyone.
I'm new to RME and I'm having trouble getting the ADAT to sync / work with the fireface 800.
I bought the RayDat and World clock plus, fireface 800 to start with. Thinking I can add more inputs once I got to grips with it all.

Ive run x 4 adat cables from the RayDat to the fireface 800 plus bnc World clock cable.
I think I've set the RayDat to master and fireface to slave( world) in the setting page.
In the RayDat settings it shows locked for adat 1 and adat 2 but on the fireface it just flicks from lock to no lock and the green led lights on the fireface just flash.
Can someone please point me in the right direction to getting it all set up.

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Re: RayDat ADAT set up to fireface 800

The FF800 needs to get prepared for this job.
Do you have a computer with Firewire connection ?
Can you set it up to work ?
In the FF800-Totalmix make the routing, every analog input channel to an Adat output channel.
In the Fireface settings dialog make clock source external word clock or ADAT (you don't need wordclock cable).
Store that configuration into the device.
Disconnect it from the computer and conect it to the RayDat.
In the RayDat settings make clock-source internal.

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Re: RayDat ADAT set up to fireface 800

Yes I've a firewire cable I can plug in. I didn't realise it all had to be set up in advance. Will have another go over the weekend.