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Topic: DIGICheck PowerPC

Hi. I cant find a DIGICheck version for Panther, Tiger or Leopard. For Power PC.

I am using Mac OS X PPC (10.3 or up) driver for Hammerfall DSP System, version 1.6c (2) 12/16/2008.

Maybe it was never published or forgotten to upload.

I have a Hammerfall Multiface and a Digiface and they have drivers even for Mac OS 9.

I was hoping to find an Universal Binary there at least for Leopard.

I found from Mathias in here


we have a new version called 0.5 Beta for Intel Macs. This one includes

- lots of bigger and smaller bugfixes

- same smooth meter display as under Windows (if you select 15 ms refresh rate)

- working F2/F3/F4

- english help with some changes to better suit the Mac version (not finished yet)

As before this version supports all cards supported by driver 2.66 (HDSPe series MADI, AES, RayDAT, AIO, MADIface, Multiface, Digiface, RPM) plus the two Firefaces.

If no bugs are reported we will add an installer and put this version on our website's download page. Please try and report back.


But I cant download them in case they were universal binarys

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

Just cheched

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Re: DIGICHECK on Mac...
DIGICheck on Mac makes some good progress. If you want to have a first look:


Until New Years Eve we hope to have Spectral Analyser and Surround included too.

There will be no PPC version, sorry. Now that we have most of the (Intel) calculation routines implemented we know that a port to PPC would be quite cumbersome and most probably not worth the effort anymore.

You do not need to 'test' this version or report smaller problems. Just in case something completely fails please tell us.

I was hoping to test at least an alpha version

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

I cant believe that there were no pressure from PowerPC users to have DIGICheck from 2004 to 2008!

Dont get me wrong, I love RME and how RME treats 20 years old interfaces as my 2 Hammerfall DigiFACE and MultiFACE I,

I wouldnt mind to sign an non disclosure contract with you and try to sort the port to PPC  for Hammerfall DSP System, version 1.6c (2) 12/16/2008 drivers asociated code or lend you a PowerPC machine loaded with XCode.

Given that DIGICheck uses the rest unused part of the FPGA chip inside every hammerfall and followers designs, it could be a great addittion to users that wish to use older DAWs with your hardware.

Thanks for reading MC.

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

Digicheck is soooooooooooooo help full !!!
it was one of the reason i buy my first hammerfall (back in 2001)   (+ because it was really stable with cubase)
and then change to different RME ...

why do you stop to provide it ???

i mean so many friends over all the planet love it adn use it everyday ? .... i'm surprise it stop ? .... is it opssible to looad it directly in new version of Total mix ???


Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

Nothing stopped. You seem to have misunderstood the posts here.

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

In a toxic "my point of view" RME DIGICheck developers from 2004 to 2008 were lazy or they didn't care about previous PCI owners as it does today.

At least in Mac PowerPC, that was the only macs G3&G4 1999-2004 (PCI interfaces)

Now that we have most of the (Intel) calculation routines implemented we know that a port to PPC would be quite cumbersome and most probably not worth the effort anymore.

XCode offers the chance to make Universal, Intel-only, or PowerPC codes.

It should have been offered DIGICheck to PowerPC users even if only the Beta state was reached.

By the way, I also don't know if RME ARC USB can work on Panther, Tiger, or Leopard in PowerPC.

I have a Hammerfall DSP Multiface wired to a PCMCIA card in a PowerBook 17" 1GHz that could benefit from DIGICheck.

I plan to use it with a RME ARC USB, but I would like to know if it works with mentioned drivers version 1.6c (2) 12/16/2008.

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

The ARC USB was introduced 2017. So it should be clear that it won't work with drivers and TotalMix from 2008.

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

Hi. I have the Digiface usb.  I downloaded and installed USB RME Digiface driver 2.23 because i have Mac OSX 10.9.5 on that computer...and it should work according to your download info.   But... Digiface wont show in the mac even with that driver..   Please HELP !!   Michael

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

Sure it is connected directly to the computer without any hub ?
Did you try all USB ports ?
And a different cable ?
Did the installation finished without error ?
is your computer a PowerPC ?
The titel of this thread is adressing a Power-PC and Digicheck, you may open a new thread in the section Firewire and USB series ...

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Re: DIGICheck PowerPC

To do so - go to the the forum directory, into FireWire & USB Series forum, or click here:


then open a new thread, it's at the upper right of the screen.

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