Topic: MADIface XT converters

What ADC/DAC chips are used for MADIface XT?

I see in the manual that Line Out 1-2 at 0 dBFS is +15dBu (compared to 24dBu option on UFX). Is there no option to send +24dBu from this device for monitoring or other hardware?

I understand the idea to just use the I/O of MADI device, but would like a better sense of the onboard converters since they are included.

Thank you.


Re: MADIface XT converters

The analog ports are an 'add-on' feature, based on the hardware of the first Babyface. Mic/Talkback and monitoring for convenience come to mind, not high-end analog I/O, as this is mainly a triple MADI interface - designed 10 years ago.

Matthias Carstens

Re: MADIface XT converters

Got it, thanks so much.