Topic: HDSP 9652 Expansion options?

I am planning on installing the HDSP 9652 and looking to add the AI4S-192 AIO & AO4S-192 AIO. I do not know if these expansion cards are compatible or not...

The website states that the "HDSP 9652" is compatible:

"Up to two TEBs can be used simultaneously."


"Note: AI4S-192 and AO4S-192 (without the suffix AIO) do work only with the HDSP 9632. The current Expansion Boards with the suffix AIO work with both cards."


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Re: HDSP 9652 Expansion options?

If possible I would go with an external adat expander. Anything from a Berhinger ADA8200 to more expensive will do. Much easier and flexible, but just my humble opinion.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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Re: HDSP 9652 Expansion options?

I just checked the website and can not see where it says that the HDSP9652 can use the Ax4S-192 boards, or is compatible to these two boards.

Matthias Carstens